Company Profile

EB Packaging Sdn. Bhd was incorporated on 19th July 1995 and are involved in the manufacturing and trading of plastic packaging material including pallet stretch film, plastic bag, PE foam, airbubbles and all kinds of adhesive tapes.

It’s key value-added services provided by EB is its ability to provide customisation of flexible packaging products to meet the requirement of its clients.

The head office & factory is located in Batu Pahat, Johor. Our company policy is to produce best quality product, on time delivery and excellent service with competitive price!


Our vision is to be the market leader in packaging materials with our core product range.

We are committed to satisfy our customers’ requirements through the following mission:
– Best quality
– Competitive pricing
– On-time delivery
– Excellent services

The Company’s core strengths and competitive advantages:
– Latest technological adoption like using imported machines from Italy and USA
– Provide diversified value-added and high performance product range and services
– Wide customer portfolio and high networking with worldwide trading partner
– Top management commitment and strategic vision
– People-focused, employee engagement and effectiveness
– Operational excellence
– Financially sound
– Customer satisfaction and loyalty
– Sustainability efforts in brand enhancement and cost cutting measures.